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<p>It only came out a few months ago, but sci-fi gamebook Heavy Metal Thunder already has a sequel. It's called Sol Invictus, and you can get it right now.</p><p>Once again this is a choose your own adventure story, with dice-roll battles, gorgeous deep space artwork, and a lush, atmospheric soundtrack.</p><p>Continuing the story from last time around, you and your teammates have to fight the first battles in outer space to save humanity from invading aliens. Or, if you're rubbish, wipe the human race off the planet. No pressure.</p><p>We've already reviewed it, and gave it a Silver Award. "A dark and sometimes stirring gamebook, Sol Invictus might not add much to the template, but it's a thrilling ride all the same," said Harry.</p><p>You can get it on iOS or Android. Either way you, it's gonna cost you 79p / 99c.</p>.

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