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<p>What is going on with these sniping games today?</p><p>First we find out that Kill Shot Bravo came out two days early. Now it turns out that Gameloft has delayed Sniper Fury until December 3rd.</p><p>Sniper Fury was supposed to be out tomorrow, November 19th, you see.</p><p>But on the game's Facebook page, Gameloft writes that it's "adding one final touch of polish to the game," and so a little longer is needed before it can be launched.</p><p>That's cool, though, we still have Kill Shot Bravo to play. Plus, hey, delays only mean that we get a better game, right? Let's hope so.</p><p>So, in short: Sniper Fury will be out in two weeks. Hold your sniper fury back until then, hot stuff.</p>.

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