The Adventure of Fire 2MOD (Unlimited Money) v7.2

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    <p>Chaos Battle Chess is an upcoming strategy and auto-chess game that's heading for iOS and Android later this year. It's being developed by This Game Studio whilst publishing duties are being handled by the prolific Rogue Games.</p><p>The game has been available for Android in soft-launch in various regions as the developers work towards creating a balanced game prior to full release. It's an 8 player, a last-man-standing setup where players will draft units from across space and time.</p>ProjectARPG(beta)<p>Hero Summoner is an upcoming idle RPG from Loongcheer Games that's available now for Android in Early Access form and will be heading for iOS at a later, currently unspecified, date. The game draws inspiration from Norse mythology.</p><p>It follows the typical Ragnarok setup you'll be familiar with if you've paid any interest in Norse mythology. Odin discovers that the end is coming so he desperately searches for a way to change this dire future. In Hero Summoner, his idea to defend against this is to create a hall of heroes called Valhalla.</p>�

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